Green Key

We are constantly looking for professional and excellent quality. Sustainability is also of great importance. We strive to promote sustainability awareness among employees and guests. The continuous thought that there is a good balance between sustainable business and comfort on the other.

Our green policy

A selection of our sustainable initiatives.

  • We have installed 250 solar panels on our roofs
  • Green roofs on our flat roofs. This improves the insulation, in summer the roofs do not get so hot, so that the air conditioners do not have to turn as fast and in winter we better keep out the cold, which means that the heating does not have to be switched on as quickly. It increases bio diversity because it is a perfect environment for insects and birds. The moss converts sunlight into oxygen and removes fine dust from the air.
  • We support local green initiatives such as Groen Bezorgen.
  • We offer facilities for electric driving for Tesla and universal e-cars.
  • We consciously separate ourselves from waste.
  • We regularly draw our employees' attention to reducing energy, water and gas consumption.
  • We consciously purchase, taking this into account consumption and packaging.

Green key

We are in possession of the Green Key Gold certificate. The Green Key is the international sustainability quality mark for companies in the tourism and leisure industry, and in the market for meeting locations and conference locations that are seriously and controllably engaged in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). For more information, visit