Amber hub Uden

Since January 2020, two Amber hubs have been installed on our parking lot.

What is Amber? 

Drive Amber is a sustainable alternative to a company car, taxi or your own car. In short, it is a 100% electric shared car. All BMW type i3, a common format with modern options such as parking sensors, rear view camera, air conditioning and central door locking.

What do you need to use Amber?

All you need is the Drive Amber app and a valid driver's license

  • What are the benefits of Drive Amber?
    100% guaranteed savings. Amber has carried out an analysis which shows that on average ten employees suffice for one Amber car.
  • 100% ride guarantee. Plan your ride via the app and Amber ensures that a car is ready at the desired hub.
  • Always a parking space available.

How does it work?

After installing the app and an account you get a clear demo with the step-by-step plan.
The step-by-step plan is as follows;

  • Open the app and go to "plan your trip"  Here you specify the desired time, departure point and destination. It is also possible to plan multiple trips in advance.
  • If there is no Amber Car in the hub, it will be delivered as soon as possible. You will receive a confirmation with the delivery time.
  • The license plate of the Amber Car is shown in the app. Once you are near the car, open the car via the "unlock" button in the app.
  • There is a card in the dashboard, with this card you can easily disconnect the charger.
  • You can easily store the charging cables in the storage space at the back of the car
  • Press the Start / Stop button, turn the machine to "Drive" and you are ready to go!

    Our hotel reception is manned 24/7, if you still need help, we are happy to help you plan a trip, connect the cables or make the car ready to drive.