Allego supercharger

Electric charging in Uden

At Van der Valk Hotel Uden-Veghel we have 12 charging stations from allego available in various variants for our different types of visitors.

Regular charging

This charging solution is suitable for our hotel and meeting guests. Of these, 8 charging stations are available. The charging session can vary from 3-12 hours depending on the charging speed chosen (3.7 kW or 22 kW). Many e-drivers choose to plan business appointments at locations with this charging solution, thus uniting the useful with the pleasant.

Fast charging

Take into account that it takes one hour of charging time, of course this depends on the capacity and temperature of the battery. This option is often used by restaurant guests who have an electric vehicle with a fast charging option. These fast chargers (22 kW) have a type 2 AC plug and can be used via an RFID card or the Smoov EV app. 

High Power Charging

Charging time can vary from 10-60 minutes, perfect for a short stop. A perfect moment to use our washroom facilities and grab a coffee to go.

While you are waiting...

In the meantime, take a seat in our Restaurant Koosie have breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is also possible to find a workplace in the Lounge-Café where you can easily plug into a power point and work quietly.


Tesla drivers can also connect to the Allego charging stations. There are also dedicated Tesla superchargers of the type 3 available, the fastest type at the moment. Read more about the Tesla Superchargers here.

More information

For other questions about the Allego charging points you can consult 0800-3745337.